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Engine Repair and Service Reno-Sparks

Have Your Engine Working Again In No Time

You may be concerned when the engine light turns on, maybe it’s leaking, or making a funny noise. But these type of engine issues are generally easy for us to figure out and quickly diagnose. Usually, our engine repair involves replacing belts, hoses, water pumps, timing belts, radiators, fuel injection systems, gaskets, filters, and/or a couple of spark plugs. All the nuts and bolts items are generally quick engine repair jobs and we can get you back on the road and on your way.

We Specialize in Fleet Engine Repair and Services Too

We also specialize in fleet repair and maintenance. We know exactly what these workhorse vehicles go through and how to repair them back to practically new. We know fleet pricing, and how to keep these trucks on the road for a long time. We get it, when your truck is in the shop it’s not making you any money. Protect your investment, and let us fix it right the first time.

We pride ourselves on being honest about what type of work your vehicle needs and having a quick turnaround at fair prices.

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Frequently Asked Engine Repair Questions

Should I buy a new car or replace my car engine?2017-09-13T12:52:10-07:00

You can choose to replace your engine with a rebuilt or remanufactured engine. One benefit of this is engine rebuilding often times saves on the energy used in processing old car engines. Purchasing a rebuilt engine conserves otherwise used energy and resources. Secondly, rebuilt engines are always built to required standards, and sometimes new components are used to replace the old ones, virtually making it a new engine. A rebuilt engine will work as well as a new car.

Why is my Check Engine light on?2017-09-13T12:56:51-07:00

Sometimes it can be as simple as your gas cap was not closed properly or is cracked and only needs to be replaced. When fuel evaporates from the opening the Check Engine lights will turn on as a precaution. If something else with your engine has malfunctioned then our diagnostics equipment with use the computer to decipher the code relating to that engine error and turns the check engine light on.

Can an engine spark plug last 100,000 miles?2017-09-13T13:01:59-07:00

Normally a spark plug can last between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. While there are times when a spark plug will last to 100,000 miles, if you wait till then the plugs have the potential to seize in the cylinder. At that point, it can be very expensive and time-consuming to get the repair done right. Just like getting your teeth cleaned regularly, your vehicle needs to be regularly serviced so there are no (costly) surprises in the future.

Choose Our Trusted Service

Thank you for the great unexpected service to my daughter’s vehicle so she could pass her driver’s test. Because of caring people like yourselves and the great customer service (which a lot of businesses don’t have anymore) it is no wonder why you have the reputation that you do, for being the very best in the business. Again, thank you all for what you did. You are awesome.

Dean R.

Levrett Transmission, Inc. employees who took such great care of the “Bakersfield Lady” with motor home transmission problems – a great big thanks! It was heartwarming to find such a caring and competent business. Arrived home with no problems thanks to all of you.

Pat & Family

Thank you so much for your awesome customer service and great sense of humor. Very much appreciated.

Nan Sanders

You have restored my faith that there are good people and shops in the Reno area.

Frank Kengle

Thank you so much for all your kindness and work! What you did for me is one the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and I’ll remember it as long as I live. You are all living proof that honest and nice people really are out there. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Nicole Christman

Thank you and your staff for taking such outstanding care of our motor home.

Ross & Joyce Combs

The car is performing like it has not in many years and I am extremely pleased with that along with the amount of money I no doubt saved by dealing with your firm.

Jack M.S.F.

I want to express my “Thank You” for your honest Quality diagnosis and work performed on the transmission of my vehicle. Your entire staff was very helpful. It is easy to see why you have such a successful business. I was happy to pay you for the work you and your staff performed. Not only did you bend over backward to get me on the road within 24 hours, I also felt that your prices were reasonable. At no time was I ever concerned.

Ed Piel

Thank You!! You have made my truck a pleasure to drive again. Your customer service is outstanding. I will be recommending your shop to my family and friends.

Evelyn Decker

Thank you and your staff for taking such outstanding care of our motor home.

Ross & Joyce Combs

Thanks for a great job on our transmission – valve body working great.. appreciated you not doing a complete transmission. Breath of fresh air!

M. LaMarch

Some time ago we read in the paper how you helped the people who were on their way home to Oregon, but their car stalled in California. Because you had worked on their car when they were in Reno, they called you about the trouble, and you made the long trip to assist them. We want you to know how much we admire your actions and we certainly have you down as the person we want to work on our car should the need arise.

Pat & Monsel Ocheltree

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